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This site has been put together for the benefit of those who have their own private domestic swimming pool. I suspect it is unique in remaining completely free of any commercial interest. My motives in authoring it are entirely altruistic - in keeping with the spirit of those who originally set up the internet. I am not trying to sell you anything.

Water chemistry can seem daunting on occasions, but HTML provides a unique opportunity to present technical material in a way that is easier for the layman to understand. This is because hypertext links (if properly used) allow technical terms and jargon to be explained with one click of a mouse button.

The aim of this site is to utilise this facility to the full, and if in consequence you find more links than normal, it is done deliberately with the layman in mind. For the benefit of more technically minded pool owners, I have tried to choose text colours that will not make the links unnecessarily obtrusive and distracting.

The site will be of most benefit to those running their pools on chlorine, whether stabilised chlorines, calcium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). Although non-chlorine alternatives are readily available, chlorine still remains by far and away the most popular sanitiser in privately owned pools.

The author has worked in the chemical industry for 30 years; 20 of those providing technical back-up for products used in privately owned swimming pools, and more recently in a marketing role. I am a member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE), and I have a post graduate degree (in an unrelated subject) from Cambridge University.

If you find it useful, bookmark this site before leaving.

The information on this site is believed to be correct, but it is given without warranty or engagement. No liability can be accepted for any damage or injury that might be incurred.

© Copyright remains with the author. All rights reserved. See conditions of copyright

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