Why Buy your own Swimming Pool

Basic market research suggests that people buy their own pools for 3 main reasons:

Looking at these in more detail:

  1. Swimming as a Means of Keeping Fit

    It would be hard to find a more therapeutic and effective form of exercise than swimming. The benefits to health are both physical and mental.

    The medical profession has long recognised the benefits of swimming for good health. The World Health Organisation defines good health as 'a complete feeling of mental and physical well being - not merely the absence of disease and infirmity, but the presence of vigour, vitality and social well-being - a zest for living'. This is best achieved by regular exercise. One very good reason for choosing swimming as the preferred form of exercise is that unlike high impact work such as jogging, water makes the body almost weightless, allowing movement to be much easier. Swimming creates muscle tone, helps suppleness and promotes proper breathing. At the same time, the submerged body is being gently massaged by the water.

    Many people would justify pool ownership on the grounds that swimming is not just physically beneficial but spiritually uplifting. Perhaps on an unconscious level, there is something deeply satisfying in returning even briefly to the medium from which we evolved all those millions of years ago.

    On a more conscious level, some would see swimming as having a sacramental value - in biblical times and subsequently, baptism involving imersion in water has symbolised a cleansing of the spirit and a new beginning. If this seems fanciful, there are many (me included) who find swimming in cold water refreshing and invigorating, and not just in physical terms.

  2. Swimming Pool Ownership as a Status Symbol

    According to pool builders, most serious enquiries for new pools come from professional people, top businessmen and self-made entrepreneurs. In more recent times, pool ownership has become rather more widespread as people discover that the costs are not as high as they might have expected, see Buying your Own Pool - the choices, the costs. Despite this, owning a pool still appears to be predominantly the domain of high earners - the UK government publication Social Trends shows that social groups A and B (professional, employers and managers) have higher levels of participation in outdoor swimming than any other groups.

    From the evidence of both the large and the small screen, there is no doubt that the glamour image remains, and that an in-ground swimming pool is regarded as a social cachet.

  3. Swimming Pools for The Children

    There can hardly be a better way of entertaining children than providing them with water to play and swim in. Not only is water an adventure in itself, but pool centres can provide a multitude of games and toys to keep the children occupied in the pool.

    Even more important is the confidence that children gain from enjoying themselves in water, leading quite naturally to learning to swim. How many of the tragedies by the seaside during the summer months could have been avoided if the children knew how to swim?

    Convinced? The next step is to find out about the costs and make further enquiries at a reliable pool centre.

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