Swimming Pool Owners' Guide to Water Chemistry


...to the first independent, non-commercial site for those with private domestic swimming pools. This site is your virtual pool minder.

Its main purpose is to help you maintain your swimming pool water in tip-top condition and assist you in sorting out any water chemistry or other problems that may arise. The approach is user-friendly, with links to explain technical terms in every day language where necessary. A section has been included to give helpful information for those thinking of buying their own swimming pool.

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Swimming Pool Owners Guide to Perfect Water

Technical Section

Thinking of Buying a Swimming Pool?

NOTE: For the benefit of US pool owners accessing this site, please bear in mind that dose rates are given in UK gallons and kilos. 1 UK gallon = 1.2 US gallons; 15,000 UK gallons = 18,000 US gallons. 1kg = 2.2 lbs.
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