Owning your own Swimming Pool

A few hints for those who might be interested in having their own private swimming pool

NOTE: The information on this page will only be of interest to those in the UK

Visitors to this site who do not already own a pool may be interested in looking into having one installed. Here are one or two guidelines on the sort of cost involved (probably cheaper than you think) and who to go to next.


This depends on what type of pool you are looking for. You can have a swim in your own back garden for anything from just over ?00 upwards. Here is a summary of the options:

These will mainly be of interest to those with small children. They provide a safe environment for children to splash around and get used to water, and take the first few strokes.

The cheapest you can get is a 12' diameter pool which can be filled to give a water depth of 3'. The pool comes as a self assembly kit, together with basic filtration. The whole thing can be erected in a few hours.

COST: Around ?00

These come in all shapes and sizes. Again they are invariably in kit form with DIY installation, and filtration is provided. Costs are more than pro rata compared to Splasher pools because of the greater structural requirements of the larger volume of water. Dont forget you can take them with you if you move house.

COST: Around ?400 for a circular pool of 15' diameter, around ?280 for an attractive oval pool 20' x 12'.

The in-ground pools are usually installed by a pool dealer, but some are available as kits. For the DIY enthusiast, you will need to get somebody with a digger to excavate the hole in the ground.

Liner pools are by far and away the most popular domestic residential pools. The structure consists of shell made from fibreglass, aluminium, plastic panels or concrete, and the water is retained by a plastic liner which can be patterned to resemble mosaic. They take about 2 weeks to install.

COST: Around ?000 for a 24' x 12' pool; ?0,000 for a pool measuring 40' x 20'. The DIY option can provide an appreciable saving.

IN-GROUND GRP (fibreglass) POOL
With these pools, the shell is prefabricated in the factory from glass reinforced plastic. This makes them quite economical as most of the work is done off site. The hole in the ground is dug and mains connections prepared. A crane then arrives at your house and lowers the structure into the ground (good access is therefore vital). Finally, the connections are linked up and any surrounding gaps are in-filled.

The pools have a long life and design flexibility gives you a wide choice of features.

COST: Prices begin from around ?,500 for a 24' x 12'.

This is the top of the range version. The pool is constructed of concrete reinforced with steel, and finished with tiles, mosaic or marbelite.

There are very few design constraints and you can customise virtually every aspect in consultation with your installer e.g. you can have rectangular or kidney shaped pools and your monogram built into the mosaics. The pools should last in excess of 30 years.

COST: Prices range from around ?5,000 for a 24' x 12' pool to ?0,000 for a 40' x 20' pool.


If you are thinking of having a pool, I cannot emphasise strongly enough the necessity of finding a reputable pool builder to discuss your requirements and give you an estimate. When comparing prices, do not automatically go for cheapest. Look carefully at the specifications in the quote. The reputable installer will almost certainly have made provision for a product that will last the test of time and this will constitute better value in the long run. The starting point for your enquiries should perhaps be the regulatory body for the trade which is:

The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association Ltd, Spata House, Junction Road, Andover, Hants SP10 3QT. Tel: (01264) 356210. Fax: (01264) 332628

This organisation sets standards, including a code of ethics for the industry. It vets member companies and inspects their work. More important still, it provides an arbitration service in the event of a dispute with an installer.

Contact them for a list of members and an information pack. Their guide 'The SPATA Swimming Pool Guide' only costs a few pounds and is a very worthwhile investment.

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